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Brisbane's Experienced Pest Control

Thinking about hiring pest control Brisbane professionals? The damage insects, rodents and other can cause can only worsen with time when left unchecked. Not only will they do a number on your home and property, but they are unsanitary to have around yourself, your family, or even your pets.

When it comes to flushing out or exterminating insects or rodents, our services are the Brisbane’s answer. We have over 25 years in the industry, and we know all there is when it comes to the latest technology and techniques. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction as a family-owned business and put your needs and concerns at the forefront of every job.

Call us for the best pest control Brisbane has to offer and a free quote for services – 07 3269 4939.

What is treated when it comes to pest control?

 Our services encompass: 

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When to call out for reinforcements

Intrepid Brisbane homeowners may realise they have a problem and try to tackle the issue themselves. However, as you may soon also realise, too often hardware store solutions leave much to be desired. If you notice stray pests making their way into your home, you might be able to put an end to it yourself. But if the problem is consistent or involves critters of varying sizes, you’re going to want to call out for assistance.

If you’re on the fence about whether to call out for help, consider how often you find yourself battling insects or rodents. If it’s happening more and more often, the chances are you have an infestation or other larger issue that an expert can put an end to.

You also want to call out for help if they are affecting your home or your health. Droppings left around can be a hazard for small children and pets and are a sign of a much bigger problem at hand. If you notice damage to your property, or your person by way of bites, you will want to call for a specialist to assess your place.

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What does the protection process look like?

The products, tools and methods will differ according to the exact nature of your problems. Technicians should spray the inside of your home including skirting, cornices, cupboards, window frames, and door frames. Residual powder is typically used to treat the roof void. The outside of the home should also be treated from the gutters to the ground.

Termite control is very different to a general treatment, technicians will need to visit the Brisbane property and access what type of construction is in place, and will recommend the best termite management required eg. Chemical treatment or baiting system, maybe a combination of both. A thorough termite management plan will be drawn up and discussed with client before any work is undertaken.

Can I perform pest treatments myself?

We already noted that there are DIY solutions available that might get the job done for you if the problem is small or infrequent. However, most hardware store sprays are catch-all mixtures that are not designed for specific species or types. What’s more, there are certain types that require specific care and removal, and this should never be attempted by a homeowner. A great example of this is possum removal, which requires safe and human relocation of the animal. Possum management must be carried out humanely so there is no harm or stress to the animal. This may include installing one way doors to exclude the possums from roof cavities or trapping and sealing entry points, possums are then released to the immediate area. 

Pests can also be a sign of a larger problem when it comes to your Brisbane home. Seeing a few termites and spraying them with an aerosol will not put an end to your troubles. Instead, you should call out for the experts to assess your property and determine the root cause. In all likelihood, the issue is much bigger than you might think, and only the experts will have the right solutions, physical and chemical, to get the job done right and protect your structure.

Does pest control have to be frequent?

Instead of looking at it as a matter of frequency, consider the importance of regularity. By having regularly scheduled visit come to your property and address issues as they arise, you will be able to stay ahead of the game when it comes to damage and the level of infestation possible.

Prevention and inspections also play a large part. Just because you don’t have (or don’t notice) a problem now doesn’t mean that one won’t pop up if the grounds and structure of your home are left untreated. Preventive sprays and barriers can help keep things free of them before they can even infiltrate your home in the first place.

Does the pest management come with a warranty in Brisbane?

General treatment comes with a 12 month free service period for cockroaches, silverfish, 3 months for spiders internally and externally. All chemicals used are to product labels as per manufacturers regulations, no generic chemicals are used in our applications.

Termidor $2Million assurance warranty can apply to termite management installations where applicable.

Put pests in their place with Complete Pest Control

Out expert team has the training and experience to eradicate just about any pest from your building. Our efficient methods mean that we provide the most thorough treatment that is possible. Thanks to our specialist equipment, we can detect the problem where others can’t. In addition, we only use natural and safe pesticides that are approved by the Health Department.

We stand by our licensed and accredited technicians and offer a $2 Million Dollar Accredited Termidor applicator assurance warranty. What’s more, When you hire us to carry out general management for your home, we will throw in some services for free! You will receive 12 months’ free service for roaches and silverfish as well as 3 months’ free service for spiders both inside and outside your Brisbane home.

Call us on 07 3269 4939 to get a free quote for services at your home or business today!


Highly Experienced

We have 25 years of experience in the pest management industry.

Family Owned & Operated

We’re dedicated to serving the North Brisbane community.

Safe & Effective

The methods we use differ according to the exact nature of your pest problems.

12 months of FREE service

When you carry out general pest control, we offer FREE service for roaches and silverfish.

Competitive Rates

Affordable rates for thorough professional pest control & termite control.

Termidor $2 Million warranty

We also offer the warranty on termite barriers.

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