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More than a nuisance, they can be highly aggressive when provoked and place you and your family at serious risk. Unfortunately, your home also provides the perfect spot for the nests. Whether hidden underneath your gutters, out of sight under eaves, or in your backyard feasting on fruit, the danger posed by hornets calls for a trusted and reliable team for wasp removal.

At Complete Pest Control, we understand the need for professional and lasting wasp nest removal. Hornets can cause stress and uncertainty – even if you haven’t been stung, which is why our wasp exterminators bring over 25 years of experience in the pest management industry to every job. We don’t believe one size fits all. Instead, we tailor a wasp nest pest control solution to suit your home and infestation to ensure the result is safe, effective, and most importantly – long lasting.  

Don’t place yourself at risk with DIY wasp removal, and don’t trust the job to anyone but the best. Call us today for the best pest control Brisbane has to offer and receive a 100% obligation-free quote now– 07 3269 4939.

Are you dealing with wasps?

This is an important question to answer as it may impact your preferred treatment options. Bees play a crucial role in the ecosystem and many Queenslanders want bees removed without harming overall hive health. Although removal of the nests may be possible, insecticides are the most common strategy for safe and lasting eradication. 

Signs you need professional wasp removal

The presence of hornets on your property can pose a serious risk to you, your family or your pets. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times and will fiercely protect their nests with aggressive behaviour. For this reason, be on the lookout for the following warning signs of an infestation: 

  • Sudden presence of wasps: The odd wasp isn’t necessarily cause for concern. But if you see an increasing amount, you may have a local nest on your hands.
  • Increased buzzing noises: The nests will not always be obvious to spot – but you may be able to hear buzzing noises in or around your home.
  • Holes around your home: Holes or tunnels may signify their presence that are making a home out of your home!
  • Active wasp nests: Whether it’s on the verandah, out the back, or anywhere in between, remember to look up to spot active hives – this can even occur inside your property!

What does the wasp removal process look like?

The process will vary depending on the scale of the infestation. The products, tools and methods can also differ according to the exact nature of your pest management problems. However, professional exterminators will typically use the same general strategies to remove hornets without harming you, your family or your furry friends.

Control and removal experts typically use one of two methods: 

  • Nest Drenching
  • Nest Dusting

Nest drenching involves the use of insecticide to remove them so the nest may be knocked down and removed from your property. This is NOT recommended as a DIY strategy (even if your local supermarket sells insecticide) as it may result in aggressive behaviour.

Alternatively, nest dusting involves the sprinkling of pesticide powder on the nest over a course of days or weeks. This causes the hornets to die off so the nest may be safely removed. This method takes longer, but can result in less aggressive behaviour.

The professionals at Complete Pest Control will work to understand the best method for your home to ensure you are safe from stings and your problem is solved once and for all.

How much does wasp removal cost in Brisbane?

This depends on the location of the nest and the severity of any infestation. The average cost of wasp removal in Brisbane and the Gold Coast falls between $100 and $500. However, challenging nests can cost up to $1,000 for full eradication and removal. This is in part due to the fact that the nests can be built in walls, roofs and even underground – which make identification and removal more challenging.

You’ll also want to take into account the factors that impact wasp removal prices in Queensland. These include: 

  • Extent of infestation
  • Access to the nest
  • Urgency of the service

Although you may be tempted to try and remove hornets on your own, this is not recommended. Whether you or your family are allergic to them or not, these creatures can be highly aggressive when disturbed and cause significant pain, discomfort, and stress when not handled by experts.

Can I prevent wasps from moving onto my property?

Yes. The best way to prevent the infestation is to be proactive. Practising BEFORE a problem occurs can reduce the likelihood of a nest developing. Here are some quick and easy ways to protect your home: 

  • Be vigilant for nests:  Thr nests start off the size of a walnut, and then golfball, before becoming full-sized. When the nests are in a juvenile stage, the number of insects will be reduced compared to a fully matured hive – making removal and eradication easier.
  • Keep outside bins covered: They often move onto QLD properties where food is plentiful – and that can come from your household bins. Keep bins away from windows and doors and ensure all bins are fully secured with lids.
  • Keep doors and windows shut: It’s tough to close doors and windows during QLD’s hot, sunny summers. But keep in mind that openings can allow hornets to enter your home, so stay on the lookout.

At Complete Pest Control, we understand the stress that unwanted bugs can bring – more so when those bugs can fly and sting you! For safe and lasting pest control in Brisbane, reach out and chat with a member of our team. We’ll help you develop a custom strategy to solve YOUR unique problem, and provide you with an industry-leading quote so you can enjoy a pest-free home sooner.

Does wasp removal come with a warranty?

No one wants to come home to find creepy crawlies have invaded – odds are you’re the same. At Complete Pest Control, we understand the importance of securing your Gold Coast or Brisbane home against unwanted pests. That’s why every service – whether it’s wasp removal or another pest control service – comes with 12 months FREE service for roaches and silverfish. Plus, 3 months FREE service for spiders inside and outside your home. 

We’re dedicated to serving the North Brisbane community, so put our expertise to the test by requesting a 100% obligation-free quote on 07 3269 4939 or using our fast online quote request form.


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We have 25 years of experience in the pest management industry.

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The methods we use differ according to the exact nature of your pest problems.

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When you carry out general pest control, we offer FREE service for roaches and silverfish.

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Affordable rates for thorough professional pest control & termite control.

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We also offer the warranty on termite barriers.

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