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Not sure if your property is in a need of pest inspection? There are various types of pests that want to turn your business premises or personal residence into their new home. Some of them are more unsightly than others, but they can all cause a lot of damage and inconvenience, even the smallest ant. 

Not only can they gnaw on cables or food packaging, but they’re also known carriers of disease. For example, if you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, they can also carry mites, fleas, and ticks that can spread additional diseases.  

While the dangers are clear, spotting a possible infestation is not as simple. It’s very possible for your home to be infested or at the risk of being infested without you being aware of it. Not all pest infestations are clearly visible to the naked eye, especially if you don’t know what to be on the lookout for. 

Located in Brisbane, we have been inspecting properties for over 25 years. Not only does our team know what to keep an eye out for, but we’re also experienced at using the latest strategies and technology to eliminate a possible pest infestation. What’s more, as we’re a family-owned business we know firsthand how important the health of your family is and will help you to keep your loved ones safe from disease-carrying insects and rodents. 

For an inspection service in Brisbane that you can count on, call us on 07 3269 4939 or simply request a free quote for our services.

How do I know if I need to organise a pest inspection?

Building and pest inspections are critical to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your property, as well as to protect your investment from potential damage caused by pests. You don’t want to enter into any type of agreement without knowing your home is defect-free and free of pests, so the following factors that can help you determine whether you need to organise a pest inspection: 

Geographical Location:If you’re in an area known for pest activity, it’s a good idea to have regular building and pest inspections. Waiting too long between inspections can allow infestations to build up.

Property Age:Older properties tend to be more susceptible to pest infestations, especially if they haven’t been regularly inspected or treated for pests. If your property is several decades old, it’s wise to consider an inspection.

Surrounding Environment:Properties located near wooded areas, gardens, or water sources may be at a higher risk of pest infestations, as these environments can attract pests. If your property has a lot of vegetation or is close to a natural habitat, you should consider regular inspections.

Previous Infestations: If the property has had a history of pest problems, it’s crucial to continue monitoring for any recurrence. Past infestations can leave behind damage and vulnerabilities that may make your property more susceptible in the future.

Visible Signs of Pests: If you notice any visible signs of pests such as termite mud tubes, droppings, chewed wood, or nests, it’s a clear indicator that a building inspection is needed.

Wooden Structures:Brisbane’s climate is conducive to termite activity, and these pests are known to cause significant damage to wooden structures. If your property has wooden components, such as beams or frames, it’s important to be proactive about inspections.

Upcoming Property Sale or Purchase:If you’re buying or selling a property, it’s standard practice to have a pre-purchase building and pest inspection as part of the process. This can help ensure that the property is free from any significant pest-related issues.

Regular Maintenance:Even if you haven’t noticed any signs of pests, it’s a good idea to have regular inspections as a preventive measure. Early detection and treatment can save you from costly repairs in the long run. When it comes to dealing with pests, prevention is always better (and more affordable) than a cure.

Looking for more information? Get in touch with a member of the Complete Pest Control team on (07) 32694939 today or request an obligation-free quote online. 

What types of pest inspection are available?

Timber Pest Inspection

During a timber inspection a thorough inspection is carried out using Visual, Thermal Imaging Camera, Termatrac, Moisture Metre and a Borescope. During an inspection we would be looking for:

  • Subterranean termites.
  • Seasoned timber borers.
  • Wood rot (Fungal decay.)

The following are the areas that would be inspected: 

  • Interior: Trims, skirting, door jams, window architraves, doors, cupboards and flooring.
  • Exterior: Fencing, retaining walls, landscape timbers, pergola, verandahs, timber features, garden boxes, trees and stumps.
  • Roof Cavity: Roof battens, trusses, top plates, hanging beams, rafters and any other roof timbers. (our discretion and safety certified).
  • Sub Floor Space: Bearers, joist timber piers, timber flooring, and stored timbers.

On completion of this inspection a full written report to Australian standard will be forwarded detailing all findings.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

This type of inspection is often conducted before purchasing a property. It helps potential buyers identify any existing or potential pest issues in the property they are considering. A pre-purchase building inspection report can provide valuable information to help buyers make informed decisions.

Annual Pest Inspection: 

Regular annual inspections are a proactive approach to preventing pest problems. These inspections are recommended for homeowners and property managers to detect any early signs of infestations and address them before they escalate.

Termite Inspection:

Termites (or white ants), are a significant concern in Brisbane due to the climate’s suitability for termite activity. Pest control and termite inspections focus specifically on identifying termite infestations or any signs of termite damage. These inspections are crucial for early detection and prevention of extensive damage.

Building and Pest Inspection: 

This comprehensive inspection combines both a standard building inspection and a pest inspection. It covers not only pest issues but also evaluates the overall structural integrity of the property, identifying any potential defects or maintenance concerns.

Commercial Property Pest Inspection

Businesses and commercial property owners should also consider regular inspections to maintain a safe and pest-free environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

How much does pest inspection in Brisbane cost?

Depending on the size and type of property, you can expect to pay anything from $300 to $600. For an average sized home, you’re probably looking closer at $500. 

How long does a pest inspection typically take?

On average, a standard inspection for a typical residential property in Brisbane may take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

To help you plan out your schedule and avoid disruption, here are some factors that can influence the duration of a standard inspection: 

  • Property Size: Larger properties with more rooms and outdoor spaces will generally take longer to inspect thoroughly compared to smaller properties.
  • Property Condition: The overall condition of your property can affect the time it takes to inspect. If there are signs of existing pest activity or damage, the inspector may need to spend more time investigating and documenting these areas.
  • Accessibility: If certain areas of your property are difficult to access, such as crawl spaces, attics, or tight corners, it may take extra time for the inspector to reach and inspect those areas.
  • Type of Inspection: Different types of inspections may have varying levels of detail and scope. For example, a standard inspection may take less time than a comprehensive building and pest inspection.
  • Extent of Infestation: If an infestation is detected, we may need to spend additional time assessing the extent of your infestation, identifying affected areas, and determining the appropriate treatment recommendations.
  • Documentation and Reporting: After the inspection, we’ll compile our findings into a detailed report. This report will include information about any pests found, areas of concern, and recommendations for treatment and prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Inspection in Brisbane

While cost is a determining factor, if the company quotes you well below the average cost, treat it as a warning sign. In this case, the low price is often used as a hook only to find out later that many key services are sold as an extra.  

It’s also best to avoid a company that uses a subcontractor. More often than not, subcontractors will have to use their own equipment and chemicals. To save costs, they can often resort to cheaper products that aren’t nearly as effective. Plus, to save time, they might deliver a rushed inspection which could mean that something important gets missed.

In today’s digital age, it’s also key to have a solid online presence. If a pest company has only a mobile number, it’s better to continue your search. Ideally, they should have a professional business website and a number of reviews or testimonials. 

It’s also a good sign if the company offers some type of warranty. This is especially important if they will specifically look for a possible termite infestation.  

Even if you know which signs could point to a pest infestation, it’s better to call in the pros to carry out a proper inspection. If it’s completed poorly, the end result could be a big infestation, for which you’ll definitely need to call in professional help. 

Also, not only does a professional company have years of experience and invaluable knowledge, but they also have access to advanced equipment and sophisticated technology like heat detection. What’s more, these tools are so accurate that in many cases, you’ll also be able to uncover the source of the infestation.

A pest inspection carried out by a trained professional can be an investment in your health and integrity of your property’s structure. Instead of going the DIY route, it’s much better to leave it to the pros. This way, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that it was done right the first time around.

In fact, in some instances, like when you’re buying or selling a property, a building and pest inspection report might be a prerequisite. In this case, you’ll have no other option.


However, it is a valuable step in the property buying process because it can help you identify any potential structural issues or pest problems that might not be apparent during a regular viewing. This pre-purchase step provides you with important information about the condition of the property and any potential risks that may affect its value or your future maintenance costs.

A comprehensive building and pest inspection in Brisbane should cover a thorough assessment of both the structural integrity of the property and the presence of any pest-related issues. Here’s what it should typically cover:

Building Inspection: 

Structural Elements:The inspection should assess the overall condition of the property’s structural components, including the foundation, walls, roof, floors, ceilings, and beams.
Interior and Exterior: The inspector will examine the interior and exterior of the property for signs of damage, deterioration, or issues such as cracks, water leaks, or poor workmanship.
Roofing:The roof covering, guttering, downpipes, flashing, and any other roofing elements should be inspected for signs of damage, leaks, and potential problems.
Plumbing and Electrical:The inspection should cover plumbing systems, drainage, and electrical systems to identify any potential hazards or issues that need attention.
Windows and Doors: All doors, windows, frames, and seals should be inspected for proper functioning, fit, and signs of damage.
Ventilation and Insulation:The inspection should evaluate the property’s ventilation and insulation to ensure energy efficiency and prevent moisture-related problems.
Subfloor and Attic/Ceiling Spaces:If applicable, the subfloor and attic/ceiling spaces should be inspected for signs of pest activity, structural issues, and ventilation.

Pest Inspection:

Termites: The inspector will check for signs of termite activity, including mud tubes, damaged wood, hollow-sounding timber, and termite nests.
Other Pests: The inspection should cover other common pests in the area, such as ants, cockroaches, rodents, and other insects.
Moisture and Water Damage:Areas with excess moisture or water damage can attract pests, so these areas will be assessed for potential pest-related concerns.
Environmental Factors:The inspection may take into account environmental factors that could contribute to pest problems, such as nearby vegetation, drainage issues, and other conditions that might attract pests.


After the inspection, a detailed report is provided, outlining the findings of both the building and pest assessments. The report will include clear descriptions of any issues identified, including photographs, as well as recommendations for necessary repairs, maintenance, or further specialised inspections.

Complete Pest Control leaves no stone unturned

At Complete Pest Control, we stay up to speed with all the latest technological advancements in our field. We use specialised Termatrac technology and advanced thermal imaging. This allows our trained team to detect the type and extent of all infestations in your home. It’s only by locating and identifying all the unwelcome critters that have invaded your home that a thorough pest eradication is possible. 

After completing a pest inspection, you’ll also receive a full computer-generated written report to Australian Standards for building (AS4349) and a free quote outlining the recommended pest eradication process for your home.What’s more, we realise that this type of inspection is often a time-sensitive matter. This is just one of the reasons that we offer our services seven days a week. 

For more information, call us on 07 3269 4939 or complete our online form for a free quote today.


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