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Rodents might be small, but they can cause major damage, even more so if an infestation goes unnoticed. In addition to the property damage, there are also a number of health concerns involved that demand rodent control. These creatures are well known for spreading diseases, and they can also be the carriers of fleas, ticks, and mites that can carry diseases even further. 

When it comes to rodent removal, Complete Pest Control, located in Brisbane, is ready to help. Boasting more than 25 years of experience with rodent pest control, we’re very familiar with the latest tech and techniques used to eliminate the infestation. As a family-owned business, your family and their health are our priority, and we take great pride in the mice and rat control service that we deliver. 

For reliable rodent control in Brisbane, reach out to us on 07 3269 4939 or by requesting a free quote for our services.

What are common signs of a rodent infestation?

Long before you spot a mouse or rat, there are several common signs that could indicate you’re dealing with a possible infestation. These include:

  • Droppings, especially nearby food packages
  • Damaged cables
  • Gnaw marks
  • Noise coming from the walls
  • Nesting material like pieces of fabric or shredded paper
  • Food packaging that’s been chewed

When should you hire rodent control experts?

If you suspect that you have a problem, it’s better to hire a professional rodent control company sooner than later. Mice and rats are known for reproducing very quickly. If you delay, the initial problem can quickly become much worse. Also, considering that the health of your loved ones and pets is at stake, why wait?

While you can try to tackle mice and rats pest control on your own first, solutions that are available at the local hardware store are often ineffective. Most store-bought sprays are designed at catching various pests. This means that they were not formulated for a specific type of pest. Also, if it worked, you’ll still need to see to the removal of the dead animals. Not only is this an unpleasant experience, but it can also pose more health risks.

After the successful eradication of the issue, rodent control experts will also be able to take a closer look at your home or business premises to identify what caused the infestation in the first place. By completing a professional pest inspection, there’s a smaller chance that a new infestation will happen again. 

If you’re still unsure about whether it’s really necessary to hire rodent treatment professionals, ask yourself if you often find yourself battling with rodents or other types of pests. If so, you’re most likely dealing with an infestation or a much bigger problem that’s best left to a trained professional.

Also, keep in mind that by using rodent extermination services regularly as soon as a problem appears, you can limit the degree of damage. Even if you don’t see any signs that point to a potential infestation, hiring a professional mice pest control company in Brisbane to complete an inspection from time to time is a great idea. This way, you can keep your property free of pests. 

How much does rodent control in Brisbane cost?

The cost of rodent control will depend on the type of treatment that you need. If it’s preventive, you can expect to pay less as the area that needs to be treated is typically smaller. For general preventive treatment, you can expect to pay anything from $160 to $400. 

That said, if you specifically need rat exterminator, remediation isn’t that much more expensive than preventive general treatment. In this case, pricing starts at about $180.

What impact will pesticides have?

There are pest control products that are environmentally safe and effective. These Pyrethrum-based products also adhere to the regulations set out by the Australian Health Department, meaning that you can rest assured knowing that the health of your pets and children will be protected.

How can you prevent a rodent infestation?

Brisbane, like the rest of Australia, occasionally faces mice plagues, but there are a few steps that you can include in your daily routine at home or work to reduce the chances of mice or rats turning your property into their new home. 

It’s key to remember that they are generally on the search for food. This is just one more reason why it’s important to keep areas clean and wipe up food scraps right away. Also, keep items like grains, pet food, and seeds in a closed container. 

Under no circumstance should you feed them. A small, lonely field mouse might look innocent, but before long you could be dealing with a much bigger problem on your hands. Also, it’s better to refrain from feeding outdoor birds or at least use only huskless items when you want to feed them. 

In addition to being on the lookout for food sources, rodents, like rats and mice, are also in search of shelter. Their ideal shelter is a small, dark, dry corner either inside or outside. While it would be impossible to free your home and backyard of all small corners, you can discourage them from moving in by throwing away empty containers and removing building material. If you have a compost bin, also make sure that you keep it moist and turn it regularly so that new food scraps are covered.  

No rodent is too small for Complete Pest Control

Complete Pest Control’s experienced team has received the necessary training to eradicate mice and rats and just about any other pest from residential and commercial premises. Not only are our methods efficient, but our products are also environmentally safe and approved by the Health Department. This means that you can rest assured that you’re not harming the rest of the environment. Plus, with the help of our specialist equipment, we have a better track record of identifying pests. 

We realise that hiring a mice control service is often an unpleasant experience. When you hire Complete Pest Control to complete general pest control, we will also add a few services on the house. You’ll receive a year’s free service for roaches and silverfish as well as three months’ free service for spiders, both inside and outside your home.

Call us on 07 3269 4939 or complete our online form for a free quote for services at your home or business today!


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