Dead critters. Old nests. Unexplained droppings. Damage to your home. 

The signs of a pest infestation can range from minor to major… and they all spell trouble. More than an unsightly inconvenience, pests in your south-east Queensland home can cause damage to your property and present a serious health risk to you and your family.

No QLD homeowner is going to hand over their home to ants, termites, fleas, rats or any other uninvited creepy crawly. But there is a common question that needs answering:

“Should I hire professional exterminators or do the job myself?”

In this article, we’ll break down the pros and cons of pest control services compared to tackling the problem yourself. Plus, we’ll leave you with a few simple tips to help you save time, money and hassle the next time pests make the mistake of moving into your home.

Warning signs you’re dealing with a pest infestation

Knowing how to spot the signs of a pest infestation is crucial if you want to avoid the expensive headache of finding out you’ve got termites attacking your foundation, rats nesting in your walls, or a cockroach family that’s taken a liking to your bathroom. 

Although the signs of infestation vary depending on the critter responsible, use the following list for an overview of what to look out for:

  • Live pests (many are active at night)
  • Dead pests
  • Unexplained odours
  • Holes or gnaw marks
  • Hollow sounding or sagging wood
  • Bites (on humans or animals)
  • Droppings
  • Unexplained noises

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Top benefits of hiring a professional pest control service

Let’s get the main sticking point out of the way – hiring professional exterminators will cost more than doing the job yourself. However, unless you get the job done right the first time, you can end up with a growing infestation that becomes impossible to control on your own. 

Professional exterminators are an investment in your health and safety, so the cost of calling experts pays dividends in the following ways.

✔ Unmatched experience

No matter how many times you’ve laid out mouse traps or pulled out a can of bug spray, you’ll never have the expertise and experience of a professional exterminator. QLD’s local experts have knowledge dealing with a range of insects and other pests that are unique to SE Queensland. 

Whether it’s knowing the difference between a Window Spider and a White-Tailed Spider, or providing advice to protect your home from termites, nothing beats the knowledge and professionalism of a team who’s been there, done that, and exterminated pests along the way.

✔ Advanced equipment

It’s common to spot signs of a pest infestation AFTER things have gotten out of control. If you’re seeing signs of rodent droppings in your kitchen, you may already have more mice or rats in your walls than you realise. Professional pest services have access to innovative technology from heat-detection to insect sterilisation. 

When you trust your infestation to experts, you’re receiving an integrated approach that goes waaaay beyond a can of Mortein or random rat trap. You’re able to identify infestations at the source and enjoy a targeted extermination plan to remove unwanted creatures throughout your home or business.

✔ Save money

That’s right – hiring a local SE Queensland team is actually an effective way to keep money in your pocket. 

Because professionals ensure the job is done once and done correctly. Tackling an infestation with some DIY spirit is no guarantee you’ll clear nests or remove insect colonies. Sure, you might kill the few roaches you see running around your kitchen. But what about the roach nest behind your walls that continues to breed and treat your kitchen counter as a buffet?

Investing in one-off professional services means you’re not spending money (and plenty of time) trying to destroy the symptom of infestation when you should be going to the root cause.

CostMore expensive in the short term but may save money in the long runMore affordable in the short term but may cost money in the long run
SpeedQuick and more efficient method of pest removalSlower and less efficient method of pest removal
SafetyFull insurances, licences and training mean you, your family and pets are safeYou’re responsible and at risk for the chemicals and pesticides you use
Infestation LevelCan identify and treat all levels of severityBest for small infestation levels

Why DIY solution might be more trouble than it’s worth

There are plenty of projects around the house that can be tackled with a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude… but dealing with pests isn’t one of them. 

There’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a few cans of bug spray or rodent traps from your local supermarket, but for more in-depth infestations, here’s why the DIY approach can leave you with a headache (in more ways than one):

Pests are experts at hiding (especially termites) so you might be leaving the majority of the infestation alive and kicking behind your walls.

You may be putting you, your family or your pets at risk by using dangerous chemicals or pesticides without knowing how to apply them safely.

Infestations can inadvertently spread in the time it takes to try the DIY method, then call in the professionals for more lasting results.

✘ Many store-bought rodent traps or poisons can cause unnecessary suffering when professionals can provide swift, humane alternatives.

More than anything, the DIY vs. Professional question comes down to time and money. Most homeowners are looking for the cheapest, most effective way to get rid of unwanted bugs and pests – odds are you’re the same.

When the DIY approach requires multiple attempts (and multiple trips to the shops), you can save time and enjoy lasting results in just one phone call to your local extermination team.

Trust Complete Pest Control to protect your home against unwanted pests

We are family owned and operated and has been protecting client’s homes and businesses throughout south-east Queensland since 1998. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction with safe and effective pest management that’s safe for you and your family, but lethal to unwanted pests. 

Whether we’re spraying skirtings and cornices, corners and window frames to destroy pest hiding places, walking you through your termite treatment options with compassion and empathy, or creating a protection plan from the gutter to the ground, a lasting and affordable solution is only ever a phone call away.

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