How to Choose the Best Pest Control Service in Brisbane [Consumer Guide]

When it comes to things that you don’t want to get wrong in your home, pest management is probably at the top of your list.  

After all, ineffective pest eradication can not only leave you stuck with unwanted creepy crawlies, but also threaten the safety of your family and the structural integrity of your home. On top of that, the costs can really add up over time. 

That’s why you want to get it right the first time. Here’s how to choose the best pest control services right off the bat.

What should I look for when hiring a local exterminator?

Step one to eliminating your pest problem once and for all? Finding the right expert to get the job done. When evaluating professionals and searching for the right team, you’ll want to tick the following boxes to make sure your budget, home and health are taken care of.

Step #1 - Figure out what you’re dealing with

First, we recommend that you start by figuring out what type of pest you’re dealing with and how to get rid of them. Doing your research and having this information on-hand will help you evaluate experts and their offerings/pricing. It will also help you avoid costly pitfalls and snake oil solutions to your pesky pest problems.  

If you’re unsure what type of infestation you’re dealing with, reach out on 07 3269 4939 and we’ll be happy to provide guidance.

Complete Pest Control Tip: If you’re noticing hollow-sounding walls, bubbling paint on gyprock, or mud trails leading up the walls of your home, you may have a termite problem!

Step #2 - Collect recommendations

Talk to your friends, family, and neighbours about any solution that they’ve used, and what (or who) they recommend. Friends and loved ones will alway provide unvarnished reviews of teams and services, so you’re likely to get a review you can trust.

Step #3 - Make sure they offer the right services

You want to make sure that the company you’re looking at actually offers pest control services for the unwanted visitors that you’re struggling with. Additionally, pest companies can often offer:  

  • Inspection: If you have a new home or you haven’t completed a thorough inspection in a significant amount of time, we recommend that you start any engagement with a thorough inspection of the space. This will not only help you identify the source of the problem that you’re dealing with, but also allow you to identify any other issues that you may not be aware of yet (so you can stop them before they percolate). 
  • Treatment: This can include traps, removal, bait, and extermination. 
  • Prevention: Unfortunately, once a problem is removed, it doesn’t mean that it will be gone forever. The right team will provide ongoing prevention and maintenance services to help fortify and protect your home long-term. 

What questions should I ask a pest company?

When you’re interviewing potential providers, make sure you ask the right questions. Specifically, you should ask the following questions:  

  • “Can I see your licence, registration, certificates, and insurance?” You must verify the status of any team’s licence and make sure that they’re properly backed and skilled to complete the task and hand. 
  • “Do you offer pet-friendly and safe pesticide solutions?” You never want harsh chemicals in your home, especially if you can avoid it with less toxic alternatives. This is especially true if you have small children or pets that can be easily exposed. It’s important, then, that you ask about what kind of methods, baits, and traps they use (and if they’re willing to opt for non-toxic options). 
  • “Can you inspect my site and provide an obligation-free quote?” The company should be able to inspect your space. Subsequently, they should be able to provide you with a written diagnosis of the problem. This should identify the pest and provide proposed solutions (as well as a cost estimate). If any of this information is missing or unclear, it may be a red flag. 
  • “Can I see the contract before we get started?” You should be able to review your contract before you get started, and it should include the company name, the start date, the treatment duration, the price, and the company’s guarantee. Here, the guarantee is particularly important, as it will lay out the company’s responsibility and willingness to help should the problem recur down the line. 
  • “How can I stop pests from returning?” Oftentimes, there are changes that you can make to your habits or to the physical structure of your home that can help resolve recurring pest concerns. For example, you can make sure there is no food out to discourage rodents and cockroaches. Similarly, you can seal up any holes to keep termites from getting into your home. The right team will know what you need to do to avoid pest problems down the line – and they will be happy to share this information with you. 

Is it worth hiring professional pest services?

In many instances, the answer to this question is “yes.” Pest services are particularly worthwhile if you resonate with any of the following statements… 

✘ You’re not sure where the pests are coming from, and you can’t easily or effectively deal with the source of the problem.
✘ You have a large or overwhelming infestation.
✘ You notice that the problem cannot be resolved with an over-the-counter hardware store solution.
✘ You notice that the problem is worsening despite your best efforts. 

However, if you’re unsure, you can always schedule an inspection. One of our team members will be happy to check out your space and make targeted treatment recommendations.

Don’t underestimate the power of hiring a pro

If you notice a stray bug in your home, don’t freak out!  

It may not mean that you need an exterminator. However, if you notice several bugs (living or dead) or other signs of an infestation – like droppings, wood shavings, or even eggs (yikes!) – it may be time to call in a professional. This will not only get rid of the pest, but also provide peace of mind that you’re protecting yourself from any diseases or structural damages that they may introduce into your home. 

If you have any further questions about your options – or you would like to get a customised quote for your particular pest problem – we encourage you to contact us directly on 07 5498 8517. You can also contact us directly by filling out the form here and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. 

How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Brisbane? Official Price Guide

Unfortunately, when it comes to pest management, it can often feel like there’s no great solution, and no path of least resistance (or least headache).  

After all, if you pick the wrong pest control service, you’re often left dealing with the same problem again a few weeks later. Alternatively, you’re left with smelly surfaces or the overall feeling that you and your loved ones might not be safe. Even worse, you can face constant confusion or inconsistencies when it comes to pricing and overall costs. 

That’s why we’re here to clear things up. Overall, pest control costs anywhere from $300 – $700 in Brisbane, although the exact price will depend on various factors. 

Here’s everything you need to know about pest control cost in Brisbane.

Is pest control worth it?

In short, yes. There are many benefits of hiring a professional, and these far outweigh the pros that come with a DIY solution (or, even worse, with “just living with it”). Some of the specific benefits include:

Health and safety

Many common pests can pose a serious threat to the stability of your home or the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Termites, for example, can significantly damage your home. Mosquitos, fleas, and ticks can transmit serious diseases like West Nile Virus or Lyme disease. Cockroaches can spread disease and trigger allergies and asthma – the list goes on and on. 

What’s worse, you may not know how bad the problem is until you’re in the thick of it. How do you know, for example, if you have a rodent allergy until you’re exposed to rodents? In such instances, you have to act quickly and decisively to keep the problem from getting worse. In other words, you need an expert that you can get a hold of fast.


You don’t want to deal with an incomplete job, and you certainly don’t want to face the same pest over and over because you missed the hive or failed to notice some larvae or eggs (gross).  

An expert has the training, education, and expertise to avoid these problems and deal with whatever pest you have quickly and effectively. This is because they will know what to do to identify, eliminate, and prevent all kinds of pests. They also have the latest technology and resources (even stuff that isn’t available to individual consumers). These resources can help get rid of the problem once and for all.


Yes, hiring a professional pest expert has a higher up-front cost than, say, buying some bottles of bug killer at your local Coles or Woolies. However, this doesn’t take into account the long-term costs and savings. Ultimately, professional exterminator in Queensland is more effective than DIY methods, and the right team is likely to do the job correctly the first time. In the long term, this means lower costs and less repeated hassle.


If you want any type of pest eradication to truly work long-term, you have to effectively identify and treat the source of the problem. Otherwise, you’ll continuously treat the symptoms as they arise while leaving the main issue untouched.  

Pest experts are skilled at getting to the source of the infestation so they cna eliminate it once and for all. What’s more, they can also help you identify brewing pest problems that you may not be aware of yet. In other words, they can help you identify and stop a pest problem before it becomes a real nuisance. 

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Factors determining pest control costs

Many factors affect the final pest control cost, including:  

  • The type of pest. The type of pest will determine the type of service that you need. This cost will obviously vary. For example, you may need a monthly upkeep fee to make sure that problems don’t recur. Similarly, you may need a targeted termite extermination, which could cost thousands of dollars up-front. 
  • The size of the space. Property size and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home can also affect the final cost, as they can affect the amount of treatment and manpower required to address the problem. 
  • Your geographic location. Some areas of Queensland are more prone to pest issues than others, and this might affect your quote. Additionally, some areas are extremely out of the way, in which case your expert might factor in travel costs. 
  • The severity of the infestation. The severity of the infestation and the amount of product needed will also factor into the final cost. 
  • The size of your outdoor space. If you need treatment on the exterior of your property, its size will also factor into the final cost. 

How much should you expect to pay for pest management in Brisbane?

First, it’s important to keep in mind that overall pest control costs will vary based on the type of pest you’re dealing with. Check out the table below for average prices you can expect to pay. 

Service Type Cost 
Bee/wasp nest removal$100 – $600
Cockroach removal$200 – $300
Rodent removal$250 – $350
Bed bug removal$100 – $700
Spider removal$300 – $600
Bird’s nest removal$300 – $1,000
Indoor flea and tick extermination$150 – $350
Termite control$150 – $250
Possum removal$200 – $300

You can also expect general costs to be around:

  • $130 for one-off treatment in a 3-bedroom house
  • $170 for one-off treatment and external spraying in a 4-bedroom house
  • $450 – $750 for full interior and exterior treatment
  • $300 – $700 for building and pest inspection
  • $350 – $450 for thorough exterior treatment

Learn more about our termite control services here

Effective pest control is worth the investment

Overall, pest control cost in Brisbane are fairly reasonable – especially when a one-off service can remove an infestation for good. The truth is, the cost of dealing with the problem professionally will always be lower than struggling with pests or tackling the problem with a DIY approach for years. 

If you have any questions about your particular pest problem – or if you would like an accurate cost estimate – feel free to call us on 07 5498 8517. You can also fill out the form here and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Pros And Cons of Pest Control: Is It *Really* Worth It?

Dead critters. Old nests. Unexplained droppings. Damage to your home. 

The signs of a pest infestation can range from minor to major… and they all spell trouble. More than an unsightly inconvenience, pests in your south-east Queensland home can cause damage to your property and present a serious health risk to you and your family.

No QLD homeowner is going to hand over their home to ants, termites, fleas, rats or any other uninvited creepy crawly. But there is a common question that needs answering:

“Should I hire professional exterminators or do the job myself?”

In this article, we’ll break down the pros and cons of pest control services compared to tackling the problem yourself. Plus, we’ll leave you with a few simple tips to help you save time, money and hassle the next time pests make the mistake of moving into your home.

Warning signs you’re dealing with a pest infestation

Knowing how to spot the signs of a pest infestation is crucial if you want to avoid the expensive headache of finding out you’ve got termites attacking your foundation, rats nesting in your walls, or a cockroach family that’s taken a liking to your bathroom. 

Although the signs of infestation vary depending on the critter responsible, use the following list for an overview of what to look out for:

  • Live pests (many are active at night)
  • Dead pests
  • Unexplained odours
  • Holes or gnaw marks
  • Hollow sounding or sagging wood
  • Bites (on humans or animals)
  • Droppings
  • Unexplained noises

Worried about pests in your home? Learn more about our Pest Inspection Services

Top benefits of hiring a professional pest control service

Let’s get the main sticking point out of the way – hiring professional exterminators will cost more than doing the job yourself. However, unless you get the job done right the first time, you can end up with a growing infestation that becomes impossible to control on your own. 

Professional exterminators are an investment in your health and safety, so the cost of calling experts pays dividends in the following ways.

✔ Unmatched experience

No matter how many times you’ve laid out mouse traps or pulled out a can of bug spray, you’ll never have the expertise and experience of a professional exterminator. QLD’s local experts have knowledge dealing with a range of insects and other pests that are unique to SE Queensland. 

Whether it’s knowing the difference between a Window Spider and a White-Tailed Spider, or providing advice to protect your home from termites, nothing beats the knowledge and professionalism of a team who’s been there, done that, and exterminated pests along the way.

✔ Advanced equipment

It’s common to spot signs of a pest infestation AFTER things have gotten out of control. If you’re seeing signs of rodent droppings in your kitchen, you may already have more mice or rats in your walls than you realise. Professional pest services have access to innovative technology from heat-detection to insect sterilisation. 

When you trust your infestation to experts, you’re receiving an integrated approach that goes waaaay beyond a can of Mortein or random rat trap. You’re able to identify infestations at the source and enjoy a targeted extermination plan to remove unwanted creatures throughout your home or business.

✔ Save money

That’s right – hiring a local SE Queensland team is actually an effective way to keep money in your pocket. 

Because professionals ensure the job is done once and done correctly. Tackling an infestation with some DIY spirit is no guarantee you’ll clear nests or remove insect colonies. Sure, you might kill the few roaches you see running around your kitchen. But what about the roach nest behind your walls that continues to breed and treat your kitchen counter as a buffet?

Investing in one-off professional services means you’re not spending money (and plenty of time) trying to destroy the symptom of infestation when you should be going to the root cause.

CostMore expensive in the short term but may save money in the long runMore affordable in the short term but may cost money in the long run
SpeedQuick and more efficient method of pest removalSlower and less efficient method of pest removal
SafetyFull insurances, licences and training mean you, your family and pets are safeYou’re responsible and at risk for the chemicals and pesticides you use
Infestation LevelCan identify and treat all levels of severityBest for small infestation levels

Why DIY solution might be more trouble than it’s worth

There are plenty of projects around the house that can be tackled with a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude… but dealing with pests isn’t one of them. 

There’s nothing stopping you from grabbing a few cans of bug spray or rodent traps from your local supermarket, but for more in-depth infestations, here’s why the DIY approach can leave you with a headache (in more ways than one):

Pests are experts at hiding (especially termites) so you might be leaving the majority of the infestation alive and kicking behind your walls.

You may be putting you, your family or your pets at risk by using dangerous chemicals or pesticides without knowing how to apply them safely.

Infestations can inadvertently spread in the time it takes to try the DIY method, then call in the professionals for more lasting results.

✘ Many store-bought rodent traps or poisons can cause unnecessary suffering when professionals can provide swift, humane alternatives.

More than anything, the DIY vs. Professional question comes down to time and money. Most homeowners are looking for the cheapest, most effective way to get rid of unwanted bugs and pests – odds are you’re the same.

When the DIY approach requires multiple attempts (and multiple trips to the shops), you can save time and enjoy lasting results in just one phone call to your local extermination team.

Trust Complete Pest Control to protect your home against unwanted pests

We are family owned and operated and has been protecting client’s homes and businesses throughout south-east Queensland since 1998. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction with safe and effective pest management that’s safe for you and your family, but lethal to unwanted pests. 

Whether we’re spraying skirtings and cornices, corners and window frames to destroy pest hiding places, walking you through your termite treatment options with compassion and empathy, or creating a protection plan from the gutter to the ground, a lasting and affordable solution is only ever a phone call away.

If you require professional pest management services in South East Queensland (from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast) get in touch on 07 3269 4939 or contact us online for an obligation-free quote today!