Locally owned &

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Experts in Pest Control Through Out South East Queensland.

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Experts in Pest Control Through Out South East Queensland.

We are a family owned and operated business since 1996 providing peace of mind and professional service. We use only environmentally safe products. With the latest technology and methods, we are unbeatable!

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Termites cause millions of dollars to properties, don’t spend a fortune. Complete Pest Control provides complete termite eradication at affordable rates.

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Complete Pest Control technicians are experts with years of experience and efficiency to remove any and all infestations completely from any property.

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Complete Pest Control use the latest and most effective methods, using specialized Termatrac and thermal imaging equipment to detect what others can't.

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Professional Pest Control

Complete Pest Control provides professional pest management from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

We Offer Competitive Rates

Simply give us a call or send us an email. A trusted member of our expert team will arrive onsite to assess what needs to be done. You will then be provided with a comprehensive quote – FREE of charge! You’ll be amazed at our affordable rates for thorough professional pest control. What’s more, we offer pensioner discounts.

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“We have been dealing with CPC for about 10 years and
found them wholly professional, punctual and pleasant. We
would recommend them 100 percent.”

– Elizabeth M

Environmentally Safe Pest Control

At Complete Pest Control we understand that you want to eradicate all pests from your property without inflicting any potential harm on your family. That’s why we are dedicated to only using environmentally safe pest control products, tools and methods. All our pesticides are natural, Pyrethrum based products and adhere to all Health Department Regulations. Now you can get rid of those pests without posing any harm to your children or pets.

We Use Advanced Technology For the Most
Thorough and Efficient Pest Control!

The team at Complete Pest Control uses the latest products and technology to complete the best possible job. We are committed to being as thorough and efficient as possible. We use advanced equipment such as advanced thermal imaging detectors for unbeatable results.

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Complete Pest Control is a family-owned and Brisbane based business committed to environmentally friendly and effective pest control practices. We use Integrated Pest Management Strategies (IPMs) and a variety of approaches including careful monitoring, biological control, sanitation, exclusion, and pesticides to control the pest menace in your home or business premises. Our experienced and well-trained pest control specialists in Carseldine are certified to resolve your pest concerns promptly, effectively, and with a smile.

As our company name suggests, we offer COMPLETE PEST CONTROL in Carseldine (4034). When you hire us to perform general services, you can rest assured that we will thoroughly eradicate pests, stop their life cycle and prevent them from invading your place in the future. Best of all, you’ll receive 3 months’ service for spiders and 12 months’ service for silverfish and roaches – for FREE – both outside and inside your home. We also offer pensioner discounts and affordable rates for comprehensive professional pest control.

When it comes to service, Complete Pest Control is the standard by which others are measured. Add this to our 20 years’ experience in the business and you’ll get an “award- winning” company. We’re recognised in Carseldine (4034) and all over South East Queensland for exemplary pest management services and customer service. What’s more, we are at the top of the ladder in termite eradication, pest control, and pest inspection. You can bet on us to wipe out pests in your home.

With high-quality training and advanced technology, the expert “pest exterminators” at Complete Pest Control will keep bugs in their place, all year long. However, eliminating pests is not a one-time event, it is a year-round process. That’s why our technicians work to provide scientific and high-tech pest eradication solutions that protect every home. No matter the season, your home will be completely safe.

Tired of pests in your property? Simply email us or contact us today. A trusted member of our professional team in Carseldine will visit your home to assess the extent of the infestation and what needs to be done. After inspection, you’ll be provided with a detailed quote, FREE of charge!

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The team at Complete Pest Control is available 7 days a week. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with expert advice regarding any pest control problems you may be encountering.


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